Visitor information and frequently asked questions

How can I book a ticket?

You can either book your ticket on our website or you can come directly to the museum and buy your ticket at the cash desk. But please note that we can only accept card payments (VISA; we don´t accept American Express) in the museum. All payment transactions in the museum are cashless.

How do the time slots work?

The time slots are there so that we know when you want to come to the museum. This way we can adjust to the number of visitors. If you arrive half an hour earlier or later, it’s no problem.

How long should I plan for the visit?

Visitors spend one and a half hours in the museum. The free audioguide will take you through the exhibition for 70 minutes; the tasting at the Tasting Bar varies depending on how much you want to taste. Therefore, we recommend to come to the museum with your ticket at least one hour before closing time.

Achtung: Manche Inhalte der Ausstellung können physisches und psychisches Unwohlsein auslCaution: Some of the content of the exhibitionmay cause physical and mental discomfort.

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